Home and office products made in FiDU. Plopp family, friends-and-relations by Zieta Prozessdesign


Have you already read my articles about furniture and home accessories inspired by child's plays at Housology? Following this thinking I'd like to present you a collection of toy-looking and playful home and office products by Zieta Prozessdesign.


unique plopp stools made in fidu technology by zieta

Clone chair by Kallbrand. Dolly and the collection of chairs and tables inspired by cloning.


You might not know that the world of design converge with the world of genetics. I haven't … until I read about Tomas Ekström project. Tomas, who works under the alias Kallbrand, is a designer and illustrator from Stockholm, Sweden. He has created the collection of furniture inspired by cloning. The furniture refer to Dolly the sheep, the first animal cloned by Scots in 1996. The construction of chairs and tables from the collection resembles the anatomy of sheep – especially the legs, and the first chair of the collection takes its name after the famous sheep (which took her name after the singer Dolly Parton).


ouessant chair inspired by cloning by kallbrand

Vintage and modern retro chairs and arm chairs by Melki. Yummy!


There are some furnishings which not only look beautiful and original but also seem to talk. Chairs and arm chairs by Melki are such furnishings. They invite to come and touch them, to seat on them and … to take them home. Although each of them is different – each one is an individualist – they all have something in common: they have soul and personality. Every single piece of them is like a person; with a taste and sense of humor. They like to attract attention. Prefer vintage and modern retro design when choosing their eclectic outfit. And they all have history they would like to share with you.


vintage and retro arm chairs by melki

The vision of ideal workplace in waiting areas. Easy Rider Bulo mobile desk-seat.


This time I would like you to get a bit more familiar with a nice combination of mobile chair and riser.
Easy Rider designed by Danny Venlet for Bulo Collection Cart Blanche.


The basic idea behind the Carte Blanche concept, created in 1996, is to invite creative people to express their vision of the ideal workplace, free from any constraints. Easy Rider was an answer of the designer to uncomfortable seating in waiting areas at airports. Venlet wanted to unite the function of seating and working for a while (laptop, mobile, etc) in one product and he created a mobile desk-seat.


bulo easy rider mobile desk seat