Simple and colourful CablePower lamps for industrial interiors


I wish I lived in a loft! I like industrial interiors based on raw materials, such as concrete, bricks and steel. I don't like cold spaces, therefore my loft would be wormed with wood, soft fabrics and carefully selected lamps. At the moment, my favourite, best and Number One are CablePower lamps. Each and every single one. It is just a simple cord and a bulb – but the colours! Ecstasy!


cablepower lamps for lofts and industrial interiors

Mukaki – beautiful and ecological lamps and decorations for children's room


There are many women all over the world (including me) for whom maternity is important not only because of giving birth to a child. It is very often an impulse for creation or a turning point in artistic career. Maternity releases energy and broaden horizons. It leaves significant mark in women's brain and soul, and impacts on creativity. It's amazing how many beautiful, interesting, and helpful items was created by parents for children and for other parents!


mukaki lamps and decorations for chidren's room

Ready made everyday life objects by ejtu


How many of you refrain from throwing out old shoes or magazines because of unclear feeling you might need them in the future? How many feel uncomfortable while getting rid of undamaged things? If you think you may need some inspiration about what to do with old  stuff instead of throwing them out, check the ideas of ready made objects by ejtu. Playing with form the designers give the objects new value and new life. Their propositions are exposed at ExChange exhibition as a part of Lodz Design Festival 2011.


newspaper holder made from old magazines by ejtu

Genotyp lamps made of CORIAN


And here you have another piece of information about the image furniture for the Polish EU Presidency.

As I have already mentioned at the article about T40 table, this special collection contains seats, sofas, tables and lamps. The common denominator of the furniture, which fill the Presidency’s most important premises, is the combination of tradition and freshness of contemporary design.

The next representative of this furniture system is the series of Genotyp lamps by Studio Rygalik. They are made of Corian® in few different sizes and colours and they perfectly combine the traditional shape of lamp with an innovative use of technologically advanced material.