Originally shaped bathroom accessories


If you already have tiles you may find interesting one of these nice items.


snake radiator

Reptile on the wall. Don't scream, it's only radiator. Snake One; sciroccoh.it


shangai original radiator

Another radiator in disguise. Shangai; sciroccoh.it


lego brick radiator

… and another one. I couldn't resist :-) Brick; sciroccoh.it


easy plug colourful bathroom accessory

Colouflul and intelligent plugs. Easy plug by Maja Ganszyniec is a set of two rubber plugs: for a basin and for a bathtub. Both side of the plug are spherical, which allows plugging the basin without placing the plug exactly in the middle of the waterhole. It is a smart and simple alternative for people with fine motor problems, impaired vision, for the elderly and children; majagan.com


easy plug bathroom accessory

Easy plugs designed by Maja Ganszyniec; majagan.com


toq series for your bathroom

The series that would make you smile every morning. Toq Series designed by Platt and Young; koziol.de



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