SIMPLE collection by Timoore – clever, fun and eco friendly furniture for boys and girls in vivid colours


Who knows better then parents what is best for kids? Who understands better children's needs and the dangers they can face? Parents I think, are the best designers of products dedicated to children. Parents, who make use of their experiences and do not hesitate to test their concepts with their own offspring. This is how Timoore acts.


Timoore is a team of parents who create eco friendly, smart and safe in use furniture for children to provide them a friendly space for learning, playing and developing their personality.


“The idea to create Timoore collections arose spontaneously. Each of us is a parent and each of us looks for products which would be able to fulfill our children's needs (…) We wished to create for our children: SOMETHING beautiful, SOMETHING practical, SOMETHING funny, but after all SOMETHING exceptional. As exceptional as our children are. No compromises, children deserve all the best. This assumption motivated us on the stage of designing Timoore collections, starting with the conceptual drawing finishing with packing ready product.”


Today, I'd like to tell you something more about SIMPLE collection, dedicated to preschoolers and schoolchildren; boys and girls. The collection is composed of over 20 basic elements (and it's still increasing). Its fundamental principles are: originality of design, construction durability and security, ergonomics and care of natural environment. The forms made of beech wood have round edges and corners, so you wouldn't have to use any additional protection. The characteristics of the collection are: large handles, vivid colours and smart construction solutions. The colour scheme of the collection comprises: cream, orange, blue, green and pink.


My favourites from SIMPLE collection are:

  • Extendable bed which grows together with a child; it has regulated length from 165 to 205 cm
  • Shelves made of single boxes and wooden frame – using two or three boxes in chosen colour together with a frame you can create an individual set of bookshelves attached to the wall
  • Armchair FUN with an option of changing its legs into rockers
  • UpME chair with adjustable height of seat (form 30 to 45 cm), suitable for children from 3 to 15 years (!)
  • PLAY table with a storage space in the middle.

However the whole collection is just great. It's colourful but not dappled, smart but not overdone, functional but simple and comprehensive yet coherent. Nothing less (but many more).


timoore simple collection furniture for children

Space for learning with Timoore SIMPLE collection


timoore furniture from simple collection

Two-door sideboard with bookshelf, container ans shelves


simple collection by timoore furniture for kids

Armchair FUN rocker


simple collection by timoore furniture for children

Armchair FUN


three drawer chest for children simple collection by timoore

Three-drawer chest


wardrobe and toy box for kid's room simple collection by timoore

Two-door wardrobe and toy boxes


play table for children by timoore simple collection

PLAY table


extendable bed for kids simple collection by timoore

Extendable bed


container for children's room by timoore



upme chairs for children by timoore

UpME chairs


bookshelves for kid's room by timoore simple collection



hanger bookend and shelf by timoore for kids

Bookend "Doggy", shelf and hanger "Timoore"


simple collection by timoore furniture for child's room

Nothing less..


Photo credits to Timoore


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