Originaly shaped and patterened bathtubes


As promised, I serve another portion of tasty bathroom appliances. Bathtubes.

Simple shaped and richly decorated , colourful and patterned, made of modern or traditional materials – each to his own.


sunday cupshaped bathtube

Sunday coffee in a cup made of quartz resin? Sunday 2; www.ex-t.it


sunday bathtube cup shaped

Sunday 2; www.ex-t.it


emotion enlighted bathtube

Alternative for candles. Emotion; roca.pl


Now something for romantics who love simple elegance. Bathtubes from Image-in collection of Wetstyle. Exclusive tone-on-tone motifs break the gleaming bathtub surface, drawing only on the contrast of a matte finish applied flat against the True High Gloss™ finish of the streamlined bathtubs.
Image-in is a collection of four motifs, which redefine the bathtub, making it the foundation of the room. Here I present two examples of this extraordinary collection: Water — the wave, current, movement, graceful and fluid line of the ocean and Floral — the astonishing creativity of nature.


floral image-in bathtube with floral decoration

Floral Image-in


water image-in bathtube with decoration

Water Image-in


asymmetric duo bathtube

Asymmetric Duo; kaldewei.com


iris bathtube

Iris; rdecor.ru


colourful bathtube Most beautiful lovely decorated bathtubes