Urban inspiration in home design


These products may be less obvious but they all refer to the materials strictly connected with city landscape.


concrete lamps

An industrial material in unexpected use. Heavy lamps designed by Benjamin Hubert; benjaminhubert.co.uk


concrete desk lamps

Heavy desk light; benjaminhubert.co.uk


arborline chair made of seat belts

seat belts chair for kids

Chair made of seatbelts. Arborline; jpercing.com Arborline children's; jpercing.com

Due to the very strong webbing these chairs are well suited for heavy use such as restaurants, libraries and food courts as well as many other commercial and residential applications.


concrete curtains for outdoor and indoor use

Another unusual use of concrete. Betonvorhang (concrete curtains) by Christine Pils and Werner Schedler. The colour and form of the concrete cushions are adaptable to the respective functions. The concrete curtains can be used as a sun and windscreen, privacy screen, facade element or heat accumulating room partition. The product won the red dot design award “best of the best” in 2008.


concrete curtains for indoor and outdoor use

Betonvorhang; memux.com


cincrete tiles unique Bathroom accessories. Unique concrete tiles colourful lmaps for lofts by cablepower Simple and colourful CablePower lamps for industrial interiors
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