City inspired home accessories


Folk trend is clearly noticeable in fashion and interior design. I started to wonder whether urban inspiration is so clear and popular as well. I've spent few hours in the net and found some items inspired by city materials and landscape.

My conclusions? Folk design items have eye-catching patterns and vivid colours. They can't remain unnoticed. City inspired products are less loud. They harmonize with the surroundings. Maybe that's why it was harder to find them … but it was worth it, isn't it? You can check this out in 3 articles.


metro stool inspired by metro lines

A 3d transcription of metro lines. METRO stool/table designed by Perer Johansen;


metro stool inspired by metro lines 2

METRO stool/table designed by Perer Johansen;


cars carpet inspired by transportation

Do you like cars and puzzles? Have fun with the Cars carpet designed by Agnieszka Czop, Joanna Rusin;



Remember to save the energy. Coin lamp;


cuckoo clock inspired by city

Cuckoo has moved to town. Cucucity designed by Riccardo Paolino and  MatteoFusi;



tense hanger inspired by city landscape

Energy coat hanger. Tense;


white snowboard inspired by folk and city

The composition of folk and urban motifs. Graphic projects  created by babaakcja for Salomon competition. Deksa;


heavy concrete desk lamps Urban inspiration in home design ny armchair Urban inspiration in interior design