ANCYMON. “A scamp” piece of furniture for small spaces


If you live in a small space or would like to manage your space rationally of any other reason, you probably know that one of the most important rules in developing your house is providing multifunctional furniture. As I am one of those who lack of space this subject is very close to my soul and you can be sure I will keep on looking for smart and beautiful pieces for small spaces. And I will share with you with the best results of my searches, hoping you may get inspired.


The hero of today's blogging is a result of cooperation of one*line studio & refre (I promise to write something more about their other nice projects). Maybe it isn't great size, however it has a lot to offer. It doesn't pretend anyone. It is always authentic, although it has many faces. Ancymon (A scamp).


ancymon stool by refre

Scandinavian STOOLS for kids by Collect Furniture


Who doesn't like people with fantasy? I do. A lot.


Danish designer Frederic Colette, not only has fantasy but he also doesn't hesitate to use it to create wonderful furniture for children (and to grow fantastic mustache for himself). With a Ph.D. in civil engineering his designs combine stability, durability and safety with visual appeal. What's more, he consults his projects with the target group before production.


stools by frederic collette

Recik by Protein Design – smart table for little artists


Every parent sooner or later faces the question of buying table for a child for drawing and playing. It is obvious that this kind of furniture should be appropriate size, comfortable in use and safe. It's even better when it is smart designed and “green”. Recik is.


recik protein design table and stool for children

Home and office products made in FiDU. Plopp family, friends-and-relations by Zieta Prozessdesign


Have you already read my articles about furniture and home accessories inspired by child's plays at Housology? Following this thinking I'd like to present you a collection of toy-looking and playful home and office products by Zieta Prozessdesign.


unique plopp stools made in fidu technology by zieta