Polish design representatives in EU


Some time ago I wrote few articles about Polish Presidency of the EU Council. It was about the official souvenirs and about two elements of the image furniture collection. As you may remember these furniture fill the Presidency’s most important premises – conference rooms, offices, and places of work, leisure and informal meetings. The collection contains few kind of seats, comfortable sofas, tables and lamps. I have already presented T40 table and Genotyp lamps by Studio Rygalik.


Today I would like to tell you something about the other elements of the collection as the expiry date of our Presidency is coming.


image furniture for polish presidency in eu

Home and office products made in FiDU. Plopp family, friends-and-relations by Zieta Prozessdesign


Have you already read my articles about furniture and home accessories inspired by child's plays at Housology? Following this thinking I'd like to present you a collection of toy-looking and playful home and office products by Zieta Prozessdesign.


unique plopp stools made in fidu technology by zieta