Eco Chock Sit series by


As I have already mentioned, cardboard elements of interior design are becoming more and more popular. For the last years we could observe many interesting and inspiring products made of this material: toys, all kind of accessories and furniture. Keeping in line with the idea of environment protection cardboard shows various faces: from retro stylizations to modern outlook, from disguised painted images to sauté versions.


Products created by belong to the strict party in cardboard use. Experimental searchings in the areas of cardboard texture and eco friendly materials led by ended up in forming aesthetic minimal look of the chocks a biodegradable seats which can be used in many different ways; as a seat or a table or just as an object fulfilling the space with the touch of nature.


eco sit chock by

Polish design representatives in EU


Some time ago I wrote few articles about Polish Presidency of the EU Council. It was about the official souvenirs and about two elements of the image furniture collection. As you may remember these furniture fill the Presidency’s most important premises – conference rooms, offices, and places of work, leisure and informal meetings. The collection contains few kind of seats, comfortable sofas, tables and lamps. I have already presented T40 table and Genotyp lamps by Studio Rygalik.


Today I would like to tell you something about the other elements of the collection as the expiry date of our Presidency is coming.


image furniture for polish presidency in eu

Miuki – seats with personality not only for kids


Once upon a time there was a mum, who wanted to make a soft cot for her daughter Miłka. Together with her friend she worked very hard and even when they had finished, she couldn't stop buying fabrics and making other soft and cozy cushions, poufs and seats. That is how she has created the unusual family of nice furniture for relax. Miuki by miły projekt.


With their shape, Miuki refer to simple things like an egg, circle or a square. However, it is a mystery what they would become when a child with all his or her imagination sit on them. “The way you place me, the way you'll be sited” is their motto.


miuki seats by miły projekt

Cheerful and energetic SEA ANEMONES poufs


It is about a middle of autumn in Poland. It's cold, cloudy, foggy and gloomy. A step of depression. Sunlight is a scarce commodity. Since we all know that solarium is harmful to human health, finding another way to improve the melancholic mood is crucial. For me, the solution is colour therapy (no license required). All you have to do is find nice, soft and colourful things that would please your eyes and your soul. Personally, I recommend lovely and very energetic poufs designed by Dominika Gross.


broccoli pouf by niemasowka