Scandinavian STOOLS for kids by Collect Furniture


Who doesn't like people with fantasy? I do. A lot.


Danish designer Frederic Colette, not only has fantasy but he also doesn't hesitate to use it to create wonderful furniture for children (and to grow fantastic mustache for himself). With a Ph.D. in civil engineering his designs combine stability, durability and safety with visual appeal. What's more, he consults his projects with the target group before production.


stools by frederic collette

Multifunctional tree grid and bench – new idea for enriching public spaces by mmcité.


Now, little change of topic and surroundings. I don't know about the weather in your city/country but in Poland its autumn time. It is quite fickle and sometimes unpleasant, however its very beautiful – when it's not raining. Colourful trees invite to go for a walk and the parks and promenades invite … to develop them a bit better. Below, you would find a nice concept of mmcité, design studio from Czech Republic, which specialises  in designing elements of public spaces such as: bus and bicycle shelters, park benches, litter bins, ashtrays, bollards, tree grids, planters etc.


sinus tree grid with seats by mmcite

Kamasutra - “green” and joyful piece of furniture


I have already featured Pekala Design Collection at Houslogy. This time I would like to give you some more information about one special element of this collection - Kamasutra bench. It is one of the object you cannot pass indifferently. It attracts the attention with vivid colours, hypnotic pattern and unusual shape.


kamasutra bench eco friendly

Beautiful eco-friendly seats made of carpets woolen wastes by Pekala Design


Are you one of the people who think that eco-friendly products always are drab, coarse and boring? Well today you may change your mind. Seats from Pekala Design Collection can be a good reason.


tulip eco-friendly seat