Kamasutra - “green” and joyful piece of furniture


I have already featured Pekala Design Collection at Houslogy. This time I would like to give you some more information about one special element of this collection - Kamasutra bench. It is one of the object you cannot pass indifferently. It attracts the attention with vivid colours, hypnotic pattern and unusual shape.


The line includes a two-seater bench and a chaise long. They are made of wood, unwoven fabric and multicoloured woolen wastes from the production of carpets, arranged in the eye-catching pattern.


The chaise long fits perfectly to the bedrooms or living rooms, while the usage rage of the bench can be even wider. Although the name may be a bit embarrassing, Kamasutra bench is a great furniture for kid's room. The seats are soft and colourful and the wooden add-on can serve as a table top. (And the name of the bench can be the starting point for the “parent and growing-up chat”).


Be green and remember, you don' t need contraception to use Kamasutra bench (accordingly to its purpose).


eco friendly kamasutra bench by pekala design


kamasutra bench eco friendly furniture for kids room kamasutra bench by pekala design
kamasutra bench with table top kamasutra bench with two seats and table top


kamasutra bench with 2 seats


kamasutra bench for kids


kamasutra bech and chaise long


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