Koko side table for those who use bed not only for sleeping


How often do you check your favourite sites or read emails at home? How often do you use the laptop in your bed? If your answer is „more often then once a week” keep on reading. If your answer is „Never” keep on reading too.


We all know that eating in bed is problematic – all these crumbs and stains... On the other hand, it is so relaxing and hard to resist.


Either you are in-bed snacker or computeroholic koko is the solution. It is a side/night table with a laptop desk or a breakfast tray. Koko was designed by kompott for VOX Furniture Poland. It is comfortable, easy in use and very functional - you can use it in many different ways (see the pictures).


„The rapid development of the mobile technology caused changes in our habits as well as in our living space; a sofa or a bed area more and more often turns into a working space” said the designer. „Koko was inspired by the fact of merging two traditionally separated aspects of life – work and relax.”


So, if you have to work (or eat) in your bed, you can at least do it in a comfortable way – with koko.


koko side table with laptop desk


koko night table with laptop desk


koko side table with laptop desk and tray


koko side table with laptop desk and breakfast tray


side table with tray and laptop desk by kompott


koko night table with tray and laptop desk by kompott


koko by kompott for vox


night side table koko for vox by kompott


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