Yummy design vol. 2


If you prefer healthy meal you may like cherry lamp or lemon wash basin, look tasty as well.


black cherries funny lamps

Black cherry lamp, design Nika Zupanc. You can choose from the lamps with one, two or three fruits – depending on your appetite


lemon wash basin

Fruit bathroom. Lemon wash basin available in many different versions; single, double, white, yellow, countertop and to place. Would perfectly fit to every contemporary bathroom and would definitely brighten every hard morning;  cenkkara.blogspot.com


lemon wash basin white

Lemon; cenkkara.blogspot.com


tasty plates

Plates designed by Tanya et Vincent. Macarons; domestic.fr


die tasche tasty bag



olive lamp

If you want to evoke sweet memories from your holiday and warm and peaceful atmosphere of Tuscany, light Olive lamp (white, red or black); bymorritz.com


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