Illuminant cobblestone Bruklux by K&K Products. The unique outdoor illumination.


And once again I am writing about lighting. And once again it is not an usual one. This time I got enlightened by illuminant cobblestone Bruklux designed by Paweł Karaś and Wojciech Kuglarz for K&K Products. The value of this unique concept lies in the innovative approach for the need of road and pavement illumination and linking it with advanced electronics.


  • Bruklux is a decorative element with a practical function – lighting. It is made of resin, with LED lights built in. Due its unique construction it is water-resistant and very durable, hence it can be used for many years.
  • Moreover, it is almost invisible in the day light, while at night it shows its functions and makes the surrounding more safe and attractive.
  • The cobblestones are produced in a choice of colours, sizes and shapes and they can be used everywhere including swimming pools and driveways. It is a perfect solution for roads and pavements night marking, separating parking places, enlightening stairs, pathways and squares, and whatever we can imagine.
  • The installation is simple and the costs of Bruklux operation is much lower comparing to traditional sources of light due to the use of LED technology.

Don't you feel enlightened?


bruklux illuminant cobblestone


bruklux outdoor illuminant cobblestone


bruklux illuminant cobblestone for outdoor illumination


bruklux outdoor illumination


outdoor pavement and road illumination bruklux


bruklux lightening cobblestones


pavement and road illumination bruklux


bruklux illuminant cobblestone illuminant cobblestone bruklux


bruklux lighting cobblestone


bruklux illuminant cobblestone


Photo credits to: K&K Products and Aleksandra Floriańska


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