Urban inspiration in interior design


And here are the most literal examples of city inspired items. They can be treated as souvenirs or your preferences manifestation.


ny armchair ny carpet
New York armchair and carpet; studioloko.pl  fot.CENTRUM KADRU Usługi Fotograficzne


dsr chair inspired by eiffel tower

Inspired by Eiffel Tower, Paris trademark. DSR chair; vitra.com


paris clock ny clock

Paris or New York? Re-vinyl; pavel-sidorenko.com


warsaw suvenirs buisquites cutters

Sweet souvernir from Warsaw. Warsaw monuments biscuits cutters; azedesign.pl


biscuits cutters warsaw suvenirs

Warsaw monuments biscuits cutters; azedesign.pl


london bus puff

If you cannot seat in a London bus, you may seat on a London bus. London Bus puff; kare-design.com


puzzle carpet cars City inspired home accessories heavy concrete desk lamps Urban inspiration in home design