The Attachment glasses by GABUKOW


Have you already considered your New Year's resolutions? I have. I am going to develop my creativity, foster my energy and keep the faith. I will toast for this.


Do you know in what kind of glassware you would toast at New Year's Eve party? Most likely in champagne glass, and it's fair. Champagne and appropriate glasses are inherent in New Year's Eve tradition. However, I am not going to write about fancy or surprising glasses you could use once or few times a year. It's about the glassware that would offer you a subtle interaction between a user and an everyday use object. The Attachment glasses by GABUKOW.


the attachment glasses by gabukow

Tea mugs Herbal Collection by Agnieszka Dybowska for Kristoff Fine Porcelain


Most of us (even coffee lovers) have got at least one favourite kind of tea or herb for drinking. Now it's possible for you to enjoy and organize your own prime tea time in a beautiful tea mug with a name and image of your favourite herb. Whether you drink it only by yourself, together with a friend or during a tea party with your family, you can celebrate the pleasant moments in an appropriate arrangement.

Herbal Collection designed by Agnieszka Dybowska for Kristoff Fine Porcelain (Porcelana Krzysztof) is an unique collection ideal for all tea enthusiasts and connoisseurs or those who just enjoy having their tea in something little extra. Now you do not have to be in England at 5 pm to submerge yourself in your tea world.


tea mugs set herbal collection by agnieszka dybowska

Fantastic eco gift from skate park. Epicurean® cutting boards and kitchen utensils


Here's another great concept for christmas gift (and another one from the kitchen area). This one is special not only because of the unique qualities of the product, but also because it is connected with the fair idea and interesting story. It's about guys who cared to make en effort to reduce post industrial waste from the manufacturing of professional skate parks. What did they do? Created innovative cutting surfaces made from the same durable material used on skate ramps. This is the story of TrueRide and Epicurean® cutting boards and kitchen utensils.


epicurean cutting boards and kitchen utensils

Colorfolk home accessories – mood improvers


Although the autumn is quite favourable this year (no rain, no mud), it is still autumn – cold and gloomy. Apart form using light and colour therapy, I also drink to buoy up. Don't worry, it's not my coming out. I drink hot tea. Though some of you (or even majority) may find it heresy, I don't like coffee. It is not even the taste, which I think I could finally accept. It's the additive properties. I'm not going to let the cup of drink decide about my mood or energy. And it is me who decides how to train my free will. Either tea or coffee requires the appropriate arrangement. I mean mug. Fine mug reinforces the taste of the drink and increases the pleasure (sounds a bit like an erotic gadget advert – sorry).


colorfolk mugs inspired by folk art