Transformation chairs by Fawory as a New Year's inspiration


If developing your creativity is on your New Year's resolutions list, here's something to inspire you. It is also a proof for those who think that re-made products always look like rubbish – a proof that you are wrong! Transformation chairs by Fawory are high quality and carefully made items which would enrich your creativity as well as your interior.


„The furniture we create are the form of a dialogue with a design from the 50's, 60's and 70's, a play between the form and convention. We use their form and shape but we alter the design process. The handcraft is competed by computer designing which allows to generate thousands of variants, advances thinking and provokes other types of solutions” say designers from Fawory.


The aim of the project Transformation is to create a platform for interaction between the designer and the user. By giving tools to the user, the designer creates opportunities and sets limits.


Steel frames of the original chairs are stripped of their original finish, cleaned, polished and varnished. The formerly hidden construction is finally retrieved. Seats are made by filling the frames with such materials as all sorts of cords, pipes or safety belts woven in various ways. The form and function are equal - the construction elements constitute finishing at the same time. Mass-produced piece of furniture changes its face, not only in the visual sense. It becomes REPERSONALIZED.


Each chair comes through the transformation which consists of three aspects:

  • literal aesthetic and quality transformation of the furniture by uncovering formerly hidden construction;
  • a transformation of industrial materials and their employment in furnishing industry;
  • and a conversion in the attitude towards the designer-user relation.

„Product design of the 50's, 60's and 70's was connected with fascination for the mass production. Nowadays, we are all over surrounded by mass products – cheap and short-lived. All this makes the user indifferent to the items around them. By means of our products, we would like to pay people attention to individualism and value of handmade items. We do not claim that users should get rid of cars and computers to the benefit of sheep grazing, starting from tomorrow. However, we think it would be developing, if in the houses equipped with common and standarised products, the thought provoking and non- automatically used items appear, which would allow the users name as their own!”


Staying in line with that philosophy Fawory designers do not name their products – to give a user another chance for creating the relation with their new favourite – transformed and repersonalized.


This year a new line of Fawory would be launched -  a next step forward from the Transformation to the communication with user.


transformation chairs by fawory


re-made chairs transformation by fawory


re-made chairs by fawory transformation


transformation chairs by fawory


batman chair by fawory


transformation chair by fawory


fawory transformation chair


re-made chair by fawory


transformation chair by fawory


re-made chair by fawory

Photo credits to Piotr Maciaszek&Fawory


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