Torch-skipping-rope LolliLED by Marta Niemywska and other eco friendly gadgets


Nowadays, when children in kindergarten boast about their iPads, iPhones and Play Stations this article may sound like a ridicule or a provocation. But it isn't. I am one of the people who likes simple and multifunctional things (and inexpensive!) And if they are also eco friendly and well designed – it's full of happiness.


My children got a torch as a present, but not an usual one (they already have some: big one, small one, talking one...) The new torch is special as it doesn't require batteries; it is equipped with dynamo and two LED diodes. You just need to press the grip for about 20 seconds to recharge it. They just love it.


It had inspired me for searching and I found something even better! A torch and skipping-rope designed by Marta Niemywska. The handles of LolliLED also have dynamo and LEDs and the torches recharge when skipping. It is fantastic in its simplicity. A great gadget for kindergartens – it entertains, supports physical development, educates and promotes environmental friendly approach.


If you prefer music to sports, you can choose one of the wind-up radio by Freeplay Energy. The radio is powered by the user winding a crank for several seconds. This stores energy in a spring which then drives an electrical generator to operate the radio receiver. Currently offered models have a solar panel as well. In 1996 the Freeplay radio was awarded the BBC Design Award for Best Product and Best Design and its inventor, Trevor Baylis was awarded the World Vision Award for Development Initiative the same year (and the in 1997 he was made an Officer of the Order of the British Empire).


So use your hands or legs to become green.


lolliLED by Marta Niemywska a torch and skipping-rope


lolliLED a torch and skipping-rope


lolliLED eco friendly torch by MArta Niemywska


eco friendly torch and a skipping-rope lolliLED


lolliLED eco friendly torch and skipping rope by Marta Niemywska



eco friendly LED torch flashlight with dynamo

Dynamo LED torch


eco friendly LED fleshlight torch with dynamo

The mystery of dynamo LED torch


Freeplay eco friendly radio
Freeplay FPR2SC Clear Translucent Solar Radio


dog lamp by propaganda Funny and surprising lamps doodle lamp to be painted on the wall by razy2 Lamp to be painted on the wall – Doodle by Razy2
wrappie lamp by tomasz pydo Smart and innovative Wrappie lamp for everyone arenasiento beach board seat The smart gadget for holiday. Beach “seat” Arenasiento by Knockoutdesign
blow sofa malafor eco friendly sofa Unusual green sofa - Blow Sofa by Malafor. Choose your sofa for indoor or outdoor use.