Unusual green sofa – Blow Sofa by Malafor. Choose your sofa for indoor or outdoor use.


We still remain in the subject of sofas.


Do you prefer modern, funny and surprising furniture rather  then classic elegance? Do you care the future of Mother Earth? Do you like blowing? Well, I got something for you. Blow Sofa by Malafor is made from 100% recycled paper dunnage bags, a metal rack and rubber straps. And of course an air, which you would inflate.


It's easy and cheap in transport (while flat) and it's simple to assembly. It offers a comfortable seating for two persons as it's 180/90/90 cm when inflated. If you wish, you can personalize each cushion with a pen or a marker, and when it gets dirty, you can inexpensively replace it.


You can also complement it with a Blow Armchair to compose a surprising set of furniture for your living room. However, you should remember that Blow Sofa and Armchair are for indoor use. If you like them, but you  are looking for something you could use outdoor as well, choose Blow Sofa Extreme and Explore Armchair.


Their construction and shape resemble their eco friendly predecessors. However, they are made of  a DAKRON sailcloth, used commonly on sailing yachts around the world. The fabric is resistant to rain and sun as it consists of an impregnated synthetic polyester fiber. Quoting the designers: “The cover is manufactured by a professional sailmaker according to the production technology and characteristics of a yacht sail. For this reason a strengthening stitching and original sail elements have been applied in different parts of the Blow Sofa Extreme (…) and Explore Armchair”. Due to the use of this material and production technology Blow Sofa Extreme and Explore Armchair are very durable and can be recommended for outdoor use in changing weather conditions.


blow sofa malafor eco friendly sofa

Blow Sofa


Blow Sofa by malafor

Blow Sofa


Blow Sofa eco friendly sofa by malafor

Blow Sofa flat


Blow Armchair by malafor

Blow Armchair


Blow Armchair malafor eco firendly archair

Blow Armchair


Blow Sofa Extreme sofa for outdoor use by malafor

Blow Sofa Extreme


Explore Armchair by malafor blow armchair for outdoor use

Explore Armchair


Blow Sofa Extreme and Explore Archair by Malafor

Blow Sofa Extreme and Explore Armchair


Photos by Malafor


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