Yummy design vol. 1


I am sure you have noticed that when you lack of something (even temporarily) your unconsciousness spots this lack everywhere e.g. when you are trying to get pregnant everywhere you look, you see pregnant women. Same is with hunger. When I spend much time working at the computer and get hungry, every site I visit - I see food.


I wonder whether the designers have been hungry while creating these tasty products...


Sweets, see fruits, hot-dogs... every fan of eating would be pleased.


Nice watching and bon appetit! Sweets first.


pinocchio carpet

Inspired by popular danish sweet. Design Rolf Hay. Pinocchio multi; hay.dk


pinochcio multi carpet

Pinocchio multi; hay.dk


bubble gum funny lamp

Buble Gum light decoration designed by Daria Burlińska; dbwt.pl


sweet pastel lamps

Lolita Lamp in tasty pastel colours. Design Nika Zupanc; nikazupanc.com


scarlet funny coffee table

Scarlet table, design Nika Zupanc; nikazupanc.com


hoola hop seats

Seats like drops. Hula hoop, design Rodrigo Torres; domodinamica.com


funny donut pillow

Follow The White Rabbit; designersko.pl


dog lamp by propaganda Funny and surprising lamps olive lamp tasty design Yummy design vol. 2
campari lamp tasty design Yummy design vol. 3