Interior design from outer space. Ligthing


The biggest number of the home design items inspired by aliens, cosmos and outer space I found were ligting.


Maybe because of the stars light and the lights of spaceships and maybe not.

Anyway, here you may find some interesting lamps which looks unhuman-made.


alien lamp

Alien; lamp shade by Kafti Design


orbital lamp inspired by cosmos

Orbital; lamp shade by Kafti Design


puff lamp from outer space

Puff by Puff-Buff Design


The characteristic atribute of Puff-Buff Design lamps is uncommon use of pneumatic technology and LED systems. Pneumatic elements are manufactured using high-frequency welded PVC. Shapes are then inflated with the air, which gives them volume and make them spacially lightweight.


bubbles star lamps inspired by cosmos

Bubbles Star by Puff-Buff Design 


flo lamp alien looks

Flo; bymorritz


feeler funny alien lamp

Feeler; flexible lamp in the cosy tube; Pudelskern. Photographie: Markus Bstieler


spiral lights by adam juhasz Atmospheric Spiral Light by AdamLamp wonderlamp by pieke bergmans and studio job magic lamp Fairy-tale lighting. Wonderlamp by Studio Job and Pieke Bergmans
dog lamp by propaganda Funny and surprising lamps colourful lmaps for lofts by cablepower Simple and colourful CablePower lamps for industrial interiors
bird feeder from outer space Interior design from outer space. Accessories bike rack from outerspace Interior design from outer space. All round the house.