Atmospheric Spiral Light by AdamLamp


Christmas is coming. I have already bought all gifts, but it's not the gifts I am going to write about today. It's Christmas atmosphere.

What makes it so special – so different from other feast days? My senses give me the answer. For me these are:

  • The smell of Christmas tree, borsch and pierogies with sauerkraut and mushrooms.
  • The sound of jingles and Christmas old-school hits in small doses (I try to avoid malls in December not to overdose).
  • The touch of snow on my face (I am still awaiting this year).
  • And the look of the decorative lights.

So, what would be the best way to recall Christmas atmosphere off the season? I am not keen on cooking and I wouldn't sacrifice another fir the same year. I also cannot rely on weather. The songs are not enough. Definitely the lights are best idea. Of course I don't intend to be so literal to decorate a house with little star-shaped lights. I've got something better on my mind. Spiral Light by AdamLamp.


spiral light decorations by adam lamp

Lamp to be painted on the wall – Doodle by Razy2


What if you could design your own lamp? Paint it on the wall … and make it light? What if it doesn't need a cable to give light? Hard to imagine? Not for everyone. Jacek Ryń from Razy2 has not only imagined this but he also created a prototype named Doodle.

By testing different products and materials and increasing the capacity of the system, he managed to find an optimal composition of the kit elements, which would help you fulfill this dream.


doodle lamp to be painted on the wall

Smart and innovative Wrappie lamp for everyone


I admire designers who create things for common people, like me. Artists who make extraordinary an exclusive pieces are famous and appreciated. And many of them deserve it. Their works sometimes touch, sometimes inspire, sometimes amaze us. However, how many of you can afford a chandelier for 88 thousands Euro? How many of you is able to touch it or even see it with your own eyes? Few per cent of the population, I guess.


And how many of you can afford a lamp for 75 Euro, which not only looks nice but is very functional as well, because you can adjust its height? Much more, I suppose.


wrappie lamp with adjustable height

LampyLed by Inzynieria Designu – beauty and function


Design is a great space for combinations. Combination of art and functionality. Combination of tradition and new solutions. Combination of different fascinations, approaches and skills. And sometimes, combination of personalities.


Viol from Inzynieria Designu loves ceramics and graphic arts. Pawel is keen on electricity. In this relationship designing a lamp with a hand made engraving was just a metter of time.


ledlapms by inzynieria designu