Recik by Protein Design – smart table for little artists


Every parent sooner or later faces the question of buying table for a child for drawing and playing. It is obvious that this kind of furniture should be appropriate size, comfortable in use and safe. It's even better when it is smart designed and “green”. Recik is.

Recik, a set of table and stool for children, is a result of cooperation of Protein Design and Małgorzata Gibas-Grądman.

The table has a hole in the middle, where we can safely place a cup and put there crayons or water for painting. Such a solution would help your little artist keep his/her working space better organized and tidy. Every table is attached with two colouring pages designed by Małgorzata Gibas-Grądman (“By the pond” and “In the countryside”). They are printed at mat paper, what makes them easy to colour.

Recik was designed in line with sustainable design rules, which means it is produced with environmental friendly technology and with use of simple and inexpensive constructions. The table and the stool consist of few, easy-to-assemble elements, what makes transport costs lower. All materials used for the production are 100% eco friendly: plywood protected with water-based varnish, post-production waste foam and fabric from second hands for stools coverings.

Protein Design announces that new versions of Recik would be made of old furniture parts. Looking forward to see them.


protein design recik table and stool for kids


recik protein design smart table for kids


recik by protein design table with coulouring pages


table for little artists recik by protein design


recik by protein design table and stool for little artists


recik table for child's room


recik table for kid's room


recik eco friendly table for kids room


recik eco friendly stool for child's room


recik by protein design eco friendly table and stool for kids room


Photo credits to Protein Design.


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