The Attachment glasses by GABUKOW


Have you already considered your New Year's resolutions? I have. I am going to develop my creativity, foster my energy and keep the faith. I will toast for this.


Do you know in what kind of glassware you would toast at New Year's Eve party? Most likely in champagne glass, and it's fair. Champagne and appropriate glasses are inherent in New Year's Eve tradition. However, I am not going to write about fancy or surprising glasses you could use once or few times a year. It's about the glassware that would offer you a subtle interaction between a user and an everyday use object. The Attachment glasses by GABUKOW.


the attachment glasses by gabukow

ANCYMON. “A scamp” piece of furniture for small spaces


If you live in a small space or would like to manage your space rationally of any other reason, you probably know that one of the most important rules in developing your house is providing multifunctional furniture. As I am one of those who lack of space this subject is very close to my soul and you can be sure I will keep on looking for smart and beautiful pieces for small spaces. And I will share with you with the best results of my searches, hoping you may get inspired.


The hero of today's blogging is a result of cooperation of one*line studio & refre (I promise to write something more about their other nice projects). Maybe it isn't great size, however it has a lot to offer. It doesn't pretend anyone. It is always authentic, although it has many faces. Ancymon (A scamp).


ancymon stool by refre

Great Timoore “First” furniture collection for newborn, babies and their parents


Being a parent of a newborn is not easy. Not only because of the complete change of life routine and the physical and emotional exhaustion. But also because of information chaos aroused by all friends and relations + books and magazines + tv progs + everything in the NET. Everyone wants to help, everyone gives advices (very often contradictory), everyone knows best. And you get:
a) frustrated
b) lost
c) angry
more then at the beginning. What could help? The common sense, self confidence and keeping distance. And realization that apart form the baby, the parents needs and comfort are very important as well ... and it is worth to take care of them.


Today I would like to write some words about Timoore “First” collection as it offers great furniture solutions not only for newborn and babies to whom it is addressed, but also for their PARENTS.


timoore first collection for newborn babies and parents

Locomoco – children friendly furniture


When your newborn grow up and become preschooler it is a right time for you to rearrange your child's room. The baby's needs and interests change. Either boys or girls who are 2-3 years old like pretending plays, arts & crafts and creating their space personally. And in the next few years your child would go to school and need some place for learning too. You know it is your responsibility to provide a child friendly, safe and stimulating environment. It is quite easy with good designed, which means nice looking, multifunctional and carefully finished furniture Locomoco by XYstudio.


locomoco furniture for kid's room