Nice home accessories inspired by old players and computers. Data Storage by Pink Pug Design


This article is addressed to those who are at least 30. If you are younger, you may not remember the devices I am to write about and you wouldn't get excited. Unless you are vintage passionate.
So, vintage hobbyist and oldboys (and oldgirls) get ready.


Data Storage. Three complementary collections of the home accessories by Pink Pug Design, which remind outdated data carries, computers and players.


Data Storage 0.1 is original mug pads made of plexi, plywood and felt. In this collection you would find floppy discs, recorder tapes and reels. Data Storage 0.2 includes felt plate and cups pads inspired by old PC, tape recorder and reel-to-reel recorder. The character of Data Storage 0.3  is reel-to-reel and tape recorder tray made of plexi and steel.


All the above are in vintage style but with modern look. All can recall old times without internet. Good, better or worse?


mug pads inspired by old data carries mug pads inspired by reel tapes
mug pads inspired by recorder tapes mug pads inspired by tapes and floppy discs


plate pad inspired by old computer plate pad inspired by reel-to-reel recorder
plate pad inspired by tape recorder plate pad inspired by reel-to-reel recorder


kitchen tray inspired by reel-to-reel recorder original kitchen tray inspired by old recorder



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