The vision of ideal workplace in waiting areas. Easy Rider Bulo mobile desk-seat.


This time I would like you to get a bit more familiar with a nice combination of mobile chair and riser.
Easy Rider designed by Danny Venlet for Bulo Collection Cart Blanche.


The basic idea behind the Carte Blanche concept, created in 1996, is to invite creative people to express their vision of the ideal workplace, free from any constraints. Easy Rider was an answer of the designer to uncomfortable seating in waiting areas at airports. Venlet wanted to unite the function of seating and working for a while (laptop, mobile, etc) in one product and he created a mobile desk-seat.


The chair has an integrated seat and back (or armrest), supported by chrome or lacquered legs. And a surprise: it is available on wheels or glides.


Easy Rider is suitable for a range of applications including lobbies, hotel lounges, waiting areas of airports, libraries, cybercafés, museums, etc. and for domestic use.


easy rider bulo mobile desk seat


mobile desk chair bulo easy rider


bulo easy rider mobile desk-chair


mobile desk-seat easy rider bulo


bulo easy rider mobile seat-desk


bulo mobile desk-seat easy rider


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