Transformation chairs by Fawory as a New Year's inspiration


If developing your creativity is on your New Year's resolutions list, here's something to inspire you. It is also a proof for those who think that re-made products always look like rubbish – a proof that you are wrong! Transformation chairs by Fawory are high quality and carefully made items which would enrich your creativity as well as your interior.


The furniture we create are the form of a dialogue with a design from the 50's, 60's and 70's, a play between the form and convention. We use their form and shape but we alter the design process. The handcraft is competed by computer designing which allows to generate thousands of variants, advances thinking and provokes other types of solutions” say designers from Fawory.


transformation chairs by fawory

The best chairs inspired by Panton Chair


As promised, find below my favourite examples of chairs inspired by Panton Chair.


First, the interior of St. Bartlomiej church in Chodovice (Czech Republic) designed by Maxim Velcovsky and Jakub Berdych from Qubus Studio (2006).


panton chair in the church

The story of Panton Chair


Although everyone who is keen on design can recognise the Panton Chair, not everyone knows its history. But fear not – it is just an essence of the information.


Danish designer, Verner Panton in 1960s and 1970s was known for his original and imaginative designs in the fields of furniture, lighting and textiles. The trademark of his works was colour. However, he was also enthusiastic about the design potential of plastic, a new material at the time. He spent many years on trying to make a comfortable, all-purpose plastic chair moulded in a single piece. The result was the first version of “S” shaped Panton Chair developed with Vitra and finally introduced to the public in 1967.


the panton chair - the classic of modern chair

Innovative, ultra-comfortable chair and computer workstation mPosition


Everyone who works at the computer for many hours a day, either professionally or in the leisure time, knows that comfortable chair and desk are the necessity. According to the results of the latest ergonomic studies regarding optimal body position at work, a sitting-lying position is the healthiest and most comfortable one. What's more, it also conduces a prolonged concentration.


mposition innovative comfortable chair and computer workstation