Human body interior.


Although many appropriable items inspired by human vital and bones are disgusting, below you would find the selection of those which are smart designed, useful and pleasing to the eye (or both eyes :-)


Microcosmos, the Art Hotel interior in Italy designed by Polish design studio Kosmos Project. As you may guess, it was inspired by the interior of human body. Nice isn't it?


the hotel interior inspired by human body inside
Microcosmos, the Art Hotel interior


Ventricle Vessel designed by Eva Milinkovic is as hand blown sculptural vase referencing the organic beauty of the human heart. Each piece is unique.


heart shaped vase
Ventricle Vessel


Another heart interpretation. Cuore Sacro by Tania da Cruz is a white ceramic lamp whose appearance recalls our cardiac muscle. Light pours through the holes in its base, thus creating luminous rays on its supporting surface. Inspired by representations of the heart in Christian iconography, Cuore Sacro decodes an ancient concept in an alternative fashion.


heart shaped lamp
Cuore Sacro


REM (Rapid Eye Movement) is one of the phases of sleep. In this phase we dream our dreams. Changing the position while sleeping is the "picture" of the dream. During the night we create our own pattern on our bed. This is REM bedclothes by Azedesign.


rem bedclothes rem bedclothes

REM bedclothes


hanger vertebrae inspired by human body

Hanger Vertebrae by Iwona Kosicka


ekg coffee table

Coffee table Tafle by Iwona Kosicka resembles an Electrocardiogram printing.


The art on motorcycle helmets isn’t anything new. But the creative designs that Good agency from The Republic of Kazakhstan put on their helmets are unique. You can choose from haircuts, bald heads and a brainbucket painted as a brain and you can be sure of the smile-making results.


brain motorcycle helmet
Motorcycle Helmet by Good


funny and original hair like lamps ledy dredy Create an unique coiffure and lit your apartment with LEDY DREDY hair-like lamp the land of giants human shaped pylon Human body. Furniture and accessories inspired by body parts.
babki sand moulds boobs shaped Human body. Home design inspired by the sexiest body parts.