The philosophy of the space for children by XYstudio


You don't have to be a fortune teller to know that these are our children who would design the space we live in in the upcoming future. You don't have to be a pedagogue neither to know that we form our children's sense of aesthetic and support (or not) their sensitivity to the surrounding world from the very first moments of their lives. The conclusion is simple: we should attach importance to the aesthetic education of our children. Hence, we should provide them places which would treat them as a sensitive recipient, who need order, harmony and clear principles of arranging space.

Most common mistakes committed while creating space for children are chaos and lack of consequence which are most visible in unconsidered space arrangement, accidental colours and a mixture of patterns and  cartoons' characters on the walls and on the floor.

Architects from XYstudio have created their own philosophy of the space for children, basing on their experience and discussions with pedagogues and psychologists.


edukado kids club interior by xystudio

Human body interior.


Although many appropriable items inspired by human vital and bones are disgusting, below you would find the selection of those which are smart designed, useful and pleasing to the eye (or both eyes :-)


Microcosmos, the Art Hotel interior in Italy designed by Polish design studio Kosmos Project. As you may guess, it was inspired by the interior of human body. Nice isn't it?


the interior inspired by the inside of human body