Dolls with personality. Pullip family


Another dolls with colorful life background is Pullip family by Jun Planning with main figures Pullip, her boyfriend Taeyang and his younger sister Dal.


Pullip is a stylish collectible fashion doll that expresses girl's many faces and moods (from her hair style, make up, outfit etc…). Her father is a diplomat and her mother is an interior designer, also she has little brother. She is very attractive: has a large head, big eyes that can wink and look side-to-side, along with fully articulated joints that enable her body to pose. Pullip means ‘Young Leaf’ in Korean.

pullip 1 collectible doll pullip 2 collectible doll
pullip 5 collectible doll pullip 4 collectible doll
pullip 3 collectible doll pullip 6 collectible doll


Taeyang is Pullip’s boyfriend. He is a handsome young man that is fully articulated with eyes that move back & forth and wink. His name means ‘Sun’ in Korean. He has younger sister.


taeyang 1 collectible doll taeyang 2 collectible doll
taeyang 3 collectible doll taeyang 4 collectible doll


Dal is 13-year-old little sister of Taeyang. She adores her brother and is jealous about him. Dal considers Pullip a rival. Apart from this, she is typically sentimental and tender. She attends school and is a member of their Tennis Club. Dal has a blog that is really popular among teenagers which has many fans. Her best friend is Byul and her name Dal means ‘’Moon’ in Korean.


dal 1 collectible doll dal 2 collectible doll
dal 3 collectible doll dal 4 collectible doll
dal 5 collectible doll dal 6 collectible doll



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