Collectible dolls. Dolls from the catwalk.


Separate group of dolls I would like to introduce is fashion dolls. These dolls are often fully articulated and can also be customized. What sets them apart from other collectible dolls on the market, is their purpose. They are to present fashion trends and their outfits are very often created by fashion designers.


They are represented by Madame Alexander fashion collection, which includes history, classic and modern models (some designed by Jason Wu). Madame was the recipient of numerous awards for her work over the years, including the prestigious Fashion Academy Gold Medal Award for four consecutive years (1951-1954). In 1955 she introduced the first full-figured fashion doll (Cissy®) wearing flawlessly designed, haute couture outfits.


vice collectible fashion doll envy collectible fashion doll
bonbon collectible fashion doll lust collectible fashion doll
green collectible fashion doll citysass collectible fashion doll

Another American company I couldn't discount is The Tonner Doll Company, internationally renowned for award-winning fashion dolls. The company has manufactured fine fashion dolls designed and sculpted by Robert Tonner. His life-long interest in fashion dolls, top-level fashion designer experience, and designing and sculpting talents led to his creation of the Tonner Doll Company. We can admire the following collections of fashion dolls by Tonner Doll Company: Tyler Wentworth®, Hollywood Screen Legends, Cami and Jon™, and Antoinette™. Here you would find some examples.


guilty pleasure collectible fashion doll ooak tyler collectible fashion doll
tonner collectible fashion doll starlight collectible fashion doll
sensual collectible fashion doll simon chase collectible fashion doll


Other continent other style. J-Doll by Jun Planning is luxury style fashion dolls whose design was inspired by fashion streets of the world and also includes some essence like edgy, trendy and something special from designer idea. How do you like it?


j-doll collectible fashion doll j-doll collectible fashion doll
j-doll collectible fashion doll 3 j-doll collectible fashion doll4
j-doll collectible fashion doll 5 j-doll collectible fashion doll 6



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