Miniio houses for Barbie and collectible dolls


What is your first association with Barbie style?

a) Beauty, fun, colourful?
b) Plastic, pink, cheap?

If your answer is "b" I got something that would make you change your mind! Modern, minimalist, eco friendly house made of birch plywood and oak, and furnished with the reproductions of the current trends in international design, in scale ... for Barbie doll. After "Toy Story 3" which broke the negative steretype about Barbie's intelligence, Miniio doll house brakes the stereotype about Barbie's cheap taste.


miniio dollhouse for barbie and collectible dolls

Collectible dolls. Made in Poland


And last but not least. My domestic (Polish) production. Meet Laloushka. She is unpretentious, funny, original and fashionable. She definitely has personality – each one her own. She has a family and a busy social life. Some of her friends are inspired by famous people (fashion designers), other can be personalized.

… And you don't have to panic when your child take Laloushka into his or her hands or mouth (however your pet should keep away).


laloushka collectible dolls

Best dressed dolls in town!

Dolls with personality. Pullip family


Another dolls with colorful life background is Pullip family by Jun Planning with main figures Pullip, her boyfriend Taeyang and his younger sister Dal.


pullip 1 collectible doll dal 1 collectible doll


Dolls with personality. Delilah Noir


Most collectible dolls have names. But only few of them have personality. Some producers provide their dolls not only with outfit and identity but also with family, life experience, character and temperament. They offer one doll in many different incarnations, they create the story of her “life”.


delilah noir debut collectible dolls