Smile! Kitchen accessories


Job is important but you should also eat...


abc funny cookie cutters

A little bit cruel but funny. Poor inspiring Gingerbread Men. ABC* Cookie Cutters designed by Liz Goulet Dubois are made from luxurious cast aluminum so there are no seams or sharp edges and they're easy to clean;


halfpint funny kitchen accessories

Control the material. Half Pint is an artfully blown and molded glass creamer that captures the comforting familiarity of a mini milk carton. It is simple, elegant and funny at the same time - it’s a gem de la crème;


food face funny plate for kids

Eating is fun. With Ms Food Face designed by Jason Amendolara and Fred Studio. Food Face is mid-size and crafted from hotel-quality, food-safe, high-fire ceramics. It’s boxed with lots of inspirational food art. Didn't you get hungry?;


cuelgame funny idea for plates storage

Don't have enough room in your kitchen? No worry. Use Cuelgame – plates designed by Marc Graells and Victor Vinyamata and make a festoon.


messy funny tablecloth

Invite some friends and celebrate the meal together. Messy Tablecloth is to remain the idea of meeting at the table, when a meal is a pretext for meeting other people and a mess, made by the way, is more like a nice memory then the unpleasant side effect...Messy Tablecloth by AZE design.


clypsos funny idea for party

… or go to the banquet. But remember: sometimes everyone needs a helping hand. KLYPSOS  by RAZY2 is a smart idea for re-use of a usual paperclip.



the attachment glasses by gabukow The Attachment glasses by GABUKOW venus clips funny design Smile! When you work
google umbrela funny design Smile! Outdoor time rem bedcloth funny home design Smile! Indoor relax