Great designed foldable bike. Strida for commuters.


I am sure you know Strida, if you are a bike fan. However, you might not be a cyclist yet. But, if you are keen on design you just have to come to know it. I think its the most famous and best designed foldable bike in the world.


Strida was designed by Mark Sanders in the mid 1980s; it was featured by the Design Centre in London, and won all three awards at the 1988 Cyclex for the best new product, most innovative and best British design. Although some 25000 Stridas were made between 1987 and 1992, the company closed in 1992 after being over-ambitious in its rate of expansion. Some years later Ming Cycle bought the Strida brand and Strida has been back in production for a few years now.


What makes the Strida so exceptional? Well, there are at least three reasons:

  • Its striking appearance. The unusual triangular frame made of lightweight, rustproof aluminum comes in a wide variety of colours, from blue to retro cream. You would definitely attract the attention either cycling, folding or unfolding Strida.
  • The construction. Its tripod-like frame folds easily into parallel tubes. Unfolded, the tubes form a triangle – handlebars and wheels occupy the three points and the adjustable seat slides along one side. The patented frame makes fold-up quick and easy; you would need only six second to transform Strida from expanded bike to folded traffic-averting accessory. A silent and clean belt made from Kevlar replaces the more traditional metal chain. The handlebars are mounted horizontally so the rider can sit comfortably upright with an excellent view of the road.
  • Usefulness. Sanders’ design offers both a smooth, stable ride and ease of foldability. Within few seconds you have a light (about 9 kilograms), compact form that you can easily wheel, stow in a closet, load in your car or take on the train.

Mark Sanders keynote was to create a bike for urban commuters. “Transportation means freedom, and a folding bike is even more freeing than a regular one since you can literally take it anywhere” he says.
And he did succeed in creating such a bike.


Take a look at some nice pictures of Strida – the first five are from Mark Sanders Gallery at Picasa Web Albums.


strida foldable bike 20 years ago


strida famous foldable bike 1988


strida famous foldable bike for commuters 1988


strida foldable bike for commuters


strida famous foldable bike


strida foldable bike with great design


strida foldable bike part


strida foldable bike for commuters


strida great designed foldable bike


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