UCCOI New Generation collection of transparent furnishings in various colours for home and office


I would like to present you UCCOI (the producer of plexi furnishings and interior elements) collection New Generation. It is a result of the cooperation with the designer Katarzyna Herman-Janiec from Protein Design. The collection includes over 40 unique furnishings gathered in two lines - Home and Business. All are produced out of the highest quality of extruded and cast plexi.


The Home line is a proposal for those who like cosy and unusual furnishings with manifold possibilities of their use and application. The collection comprises tables, chairs, armchairs, coffee tables, bookshelves, TV stands and accessories such as laptop stand or mirror. Owing to their transparency and light transmittance they fit perfectly to both traditional and modern interiors.

The New Generation Business collection is a proposal for people who value the combination of precision of workmanship, unconventional form and intriguing simplicity. They would love colourful bookshelves, transparent desks, coffee tables, tables and ergonomic and comfortable stand for documents and files.


The New Generation collection is a suite of daring in their form and colour furnishings of the highest quality which reflects the contemporary world-wide design trends. All its elements are available custom-built at the producer.


colourful cubes made of plexi coffee table new generation made of plexi
colourful modern office table made of plexi cubes bookcase made of plexi


multifunctional armchair made of plexi coffee table made of colourful plexi
tv stand made of plexi multifunctional armchair made of plexi
egg chair made of plexi multifunctional armchair made of plexi


laptop stand made of plexi green plexi chair for home and office
transparent plexi desk for home and office files storage stand made of plexi



panton classic chair white The story of Panton Chair