Multifunctional bathroom accessories


To make your bathroom more functional and relaxing you may use one of those products.


notch book storage and stool

For those who love to read while taking bath. Notch designed by Alex Bradley;


lean multifunctional object hunger decoration and mirror

Beautiful and multifunctional. Can be used to hang up towels, bathrobes or items of clothing. Extremily resistant.  Also available as a mirror. Lean designed by Alex Bradley;


birdie bird shaped shelves

Birds in your bathroom? Absolutely. Birdie designed by Hiroshi Kawano is a  container/shelf in polyurethan with sinuous lines that remind the shape of a bird. As light as an origami;


marcel stainless steel console for your bathroom

Stainless steel and waterproof wood. Console Marcel designed by Studio 63;


salamander bathroom wall decoration

If you like company, you may buy iguana made in the traditional Talavera technique and put it in your bathroom. It can hang on the wall, lie on the floor or windowsill, in a pot, in a glass terrarium. Iguana;





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