The Attachment glasses by GABUKOW


Have you already considered your New Year's resolutions? I have. I am going to develop my creativity, foster my energy and keep the faith. I will toast for this.


Do you know in what kind of glassware you would toast at New Year's Eve party? Most likely in champagne glass, and it's fair. Champagne and appropriate glasses are inherent in New Year's Eve tradition. However, I am not going to write about fancy or surprising glasses you could use once or few times a year. It's about the glassware that would offer you a subtle interaction between a user and an everyday use object. The Attachment glasses by GABUKOW.


Follow the designer: “While designing, the most important for me is to create highly functional objects with added value, like ergonomic + extra pleasure of using the object (…) In many projects I use glass. Mostly because it is one of the healthiest material (it is chemically neutral), its 100% recyclable and last but not least - aesthetically it is very attractive material that I can form myself (…) The originality + ergonomic + pleasure + ecology= gabukow design”.


Basing on the results of palm anatomy and hand gestures, GABUKOW managed to create convenient and functional object which remains in constant cooperation with its user.


Each Attachment glass, when touched in a specific way, would attach itself firmly to the palm of your hand. Thanks to its unique shape you can easily gesticulate, move around or even interact with another person without having to give it up. This is “holding without holding”.


The secret of its ergonomic and pleasant shape lays in the notch and bend, which also make it suitable for both left and right handed. Thanks to the material it is made of - laboratory glass - the Attachment glass is durable, mechanic and temperature shock resistant, and dishwashable.


Made by hands in one of three sizes (50ml, 170ml and 300ml) by a small manufacturer in Poland, it is a product of sustainable design.


Enjoy your parties in the year 2012 with the Attachment ergonomic glasses.


I wish you all joy, strength and ability to find happiness in simple things, and whatever you wish!


the attachment glass by gabukow


stackable and ergonomic glasses attachment


great ergonomic glasses by gabukow


attachment glasses convenient and functional


ergonomic glasses attachment by gabukow



the attachment glasses


functional and convenient glasses by gabukow


ergonomic and convenient glasses


the attachment glasses by gabukow


functional and ergonomic glass by gabukow


the attachment glass  by gabukow

Photo credits to Jędrek Stelmaszek Grappa Studio


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