The Attachment glasses by GABUKOW


Have you already considered your New Year's resolutions? I have. I am going to develop my creativity, foster my energy and keep the faith. I will toast for this.


Do you know in what kind of glassware you would toast at New Year's Eve party? Most likely in champagne glass, and it's fair. Champagne and appropriate glasses are inherent in New Year's Eve tradition. However, I am not going to write about fancy or surprising glasses you could use once or few times a year. It's about the glassware that would offer you a subtle interaction between a user and an everyday use object. The Attachment glasses by GABUKOW.


the attachment glasses by gabukow

Good day. Shower trays vol. 1


Original shower tray is another option to create a unique style of the bath room. You can choose from different colours, shapes and patterns.


Maybe one of those below would inspire you.



Fantasic colourful wash basins


And some more lovely wash basins.