Award winning Eva Solo birds accessories and feeders


Although it is still a beautiful summer (on North Hemisphere) I would like to write about bird feeders and accessories. I think it is always a good time to help some creatures … and to decorate one's garden. To do so, we would go to Denmark.


If you like simplicity and elegance you should consider award winning Eva Solo products for birds. They are not only beautifully designed by Tools Design but very functional, high quality and safe for birds as well.


To accommodate birds in the garden, you should offer them food, nesting sites and water. Eva Solo would help you to satisfy these needs with the following products:

  • Bird table consists of hand-blown glass, black plastics and rustproof steel. The birdseed is dispensed automatically from the glass container of either 2.5 or 5.0 litres. Thus, the birds have enough food even when you are on holiday. The feeding table and the container are both attached to a rod made of stainless steel that can be pushed into the ground easily.
  • Hand-blown glass Bird feeder offers not only a nice appearance, also many possibilities for the mouting. You can mount it on trees, bushes or gutterings at the silicone band. Just choose where you can feed and watch birds the best.
  • To give birds room to both drink and bathe you can choose Bird bath inspired by a drop hitting water. Frost-proof, white-glazed ceramic plate attached on a pole wide above the ground would protect the feathered visitors from predators. The bowl is easy to remove from the rod for cleaning and refilling.
  • Last proposition. Nesting box in glazed ceramic reflects the sunrays and protects birds from overheating on hot summer days. Built-in ladder helps babies to easily move out and the cover with closing mechanism protects birds from invited visitors. With four changeable entry-hole sizes you can decide which kind of birds can live in your garden. The nesting box is available in a striped version and in white.

Your feathered friends would love your garden if you present them with one of these nice products. I would, if a was a bird.


Eva solo Bird table feeder for birds
Bird table 2,5 L



Bird table 5 L


Eva Solo glass bird feeder

Bird feeder


Eva Solo Bird bath

Bird bath


Eva Solo nesting box for birds white

Nesting box white


Eva Solo nesting box for birds striped

Nesting box striped


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