Simple, aesthetic and functional Garden Tools by Itay Laniado


Who says that bow saw, scythe and sickle time is gone with the wind? Who thinks that traditional garden tools cannot be object of contemporary design interpretation? Well, you are wrong. Israeli designer Itay Laniado disprove these theories with his Garden Tools collection.


Simple, aesthetic and functional – this is how the author describes his tools set. Their production have been proceeded by detailed research focused on the development of a technique of bending and stretching wood into functional forms while maintaining the simplicity, both of the production process and of the functional approach to the tools.


The result is adequately appreciated by the nomination in Design For All competition and by increasing popularity in gardens all around the world. The collection includes six objects: sickle, axe/machete, spade, shovel, scythe and bow saw. Each piece is created from wood (oak) and stainless-steel blades. Their ergonomic construction makes them simple in use without big energy outlay and they can be also easily disassembled for maintaining, transport or storage. Could a trendy gardener wish more?


sickle garden tool by itay laniado


sickle garden tool by designer


bow saw designer garden tool modern bow saw garden tool


machete garden tool by designer


machete garden tool detail


scythe garden tool by designer spade garden tool by designer
modern shovel designed by itay laniado shovel garden tool by designer


garden tools by designer itay laniado

Photography by Oded Antman


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