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Guess what was one of my children's favourite toy? Our new washing machine cardboard packaging. We have made a play house of it and the children have decorated it with crayons. They have played with it for another 5 or 6 months until it got totally damaged and we had to get rid of it. And then there was a black despair and a bereavement...


Children's preference for cardboard houses is not just a marketing trick or a myth spread by ecology fanatics. Kids do like having their own space where they can create and hide – the room is too big and too accessible for adults. The cardboard house is just right size and it offers a space for child's decorations – all the walls inside and outside – and for his/her secrets.


Family company (don't even try to pronounce it if you are not Polish, it means “treemice”) makes the best cardboard play houses I have seen (and tested with my own children). They are made of very high quality cardboard (your child would have to try very hard to destroy it and it would take some time), complemented with 2 kinds of stencils (letters, numbers, flowers and animals), equipped with peep-holes, mice holes, letterbox and a foldable counter, which can transform the house into the shop. The assemblage can be a great opportunity for children-parents play as the assistance of an adult is required.


Apart from cardboard houses, produces other cardboard toys as well:

  • 3 kinds of eco friendly cars with spacious boot (with or without decorative stickers)
  • a cardboard plane with a movable propeller (attached with stickers)
  • doll houses inspired by contemporary architecture
  • original blocks of which your child can build first big scale buildings (!)
  • and the alternative for Barbie – cardboard dolls, that your child can cut out, colour and dress accordingly to his/her own design (attached with stickers of 8 different fabrics).

All these toys are smartly designed, made of high quality materials, tested by children, and they support children's skills, imagination and creativity. And kids love them.


cardboard playhouse
Cardboard house in the house


cardboard houses for kids
Cardboard playhouse and the testers


cardboard house for kids
Outdoor house


cardboard car

White cardboard car transformed into an ambulance


cardboard car
The fire brigade cardboard car


cardboard cars
Motor race


cardboard aeroplane
It's my aeroplane...


cardboard airplanes
Plane for everyone


cardboard dollhouse
Doll houses


cardboard castle
Fort made of 1 set of blocks


cardboard castle
Cardboard castle made of 3 sets of blocks


cardboard dolls
Dolls for little fashion designers


cardboard doll
Make me!

Photo credits to Krzysztof Dubiel


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