Graceful cardboard furniture by Kartooni


The idea of cardboard furniture is nothing new. It's quite old actually. First cardboard furniture appeared in 1920s amongst the works of the designer Gerrit Rietveld. However they had to wait another 60 years to become popular. Since then, they are subject of experiments and source of inspiration for the designers from all over the world.


One of the companies which offer the variety of hand made cardboard furniture is Kartooni. They use the special constructional technique for production, which resemble building a house. A basic construction made of strong corrugated board is covered with a layer of another durable cardboard. Thanks to the construction all reinforcements are invisible and the furnishing remain very light yet sturdy. The raw piece of furniture can be painted, embellished and polished at discretion. For the first sight it's hard to recognize the ready made product as a cardboard made (unless you choose a version of natural cardboard, of course).


If you remain sceptical as you associate paperboard only with removal or supermarket shopping, here find the biggest advantages of cardboard furniture by Kartooni:

  • It is a great way to make you home more original and unique (made for individual orders, by hands, with heart and passion).
  • Great quality materials and the production technique make the furniture durable and water resistant (you don't have to worry when you spill a cup of tea on the table, you can place a hardcover books on the bookcase and sit an overweight uncle on the puff without fear).
  • All the materials used for the production are friends of Mother Nature. You would become one either, when you buy such pieces.
  • The furniture are extremely light. You can refurnish or remove them without a harm risk.
  • Much less expensive then a nice piece of furniture made of “classic material” (such as wood).
  • Due to the flexibility of paperboard more sophisticated shapes of furnishings are available.

Kartooni create dressers, chests, bookcases, poufs, night tables and other furniture for children and adults for individual order. They also make displays, counters and tables for business purpose; painted or in natural cardboard to bring out ecological character of displayed products.



Dizzy Lizzy


Kubiki (Cubes)


cardboard furniture by kartooni


flower roller by kartooni cardboard furniture
Flower Roller


cardboard pouf by kartooni


balbina cardboard furniture by kartooni


guzik cardboard furniture by kartooni
Guzik (Button)


small ben cardboard furniture by kartooni
Small Ben


cardboard furniture by kartooni



cardboard furniture by kartooni


cardboard coffee table by kartooni
Small table


cardboard display by kartooni for boskas teddies
Display for Boska's Teddies


skip hop cardboard display by kartooni
Display for Skip Hop

Photo credits to Kartooni and Boska's Teddies


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