Fantasic colourful wash basins


And some more lovely wash basins.


gold glass wash basin

Gold or glass? Whatever, it's beautiful.


mexican hand crafted wash basin

For colours and Mexican art lovers; handcrafted in Mexico; Calia,


celeste mexican hand crafted wash basin



delfina mexican hand crafted wash basin



madra copper hand crafted wash basin

A built-in copper wash basin coming in dark brown with an exquisite elaborate design of a slight irregularity, which adds to its casual character. The round bowl is skillfully hammered by a masterly Mexican artisan. The flourish design was obtained thanks to unique technique of silver plating. The product is highly durable and practical; it is suitable for all interiors thanks to its simple form and uniform colour. Madra;


join wash basin

Multifunctional. Join by Sanindusa has a towel hunger shaped within a body of the basin.


wash basin with tatoo




thabo boa wash basin Most original wash basins lemon wash basin Wash basins in nice colours and shapes