Collectible dolls. Show me your doll...


I am not one of the dolls collectors. However, I can truly understand people who collect them. The dolls are beautiful, top quality handcrafted, they stimulate the imagination and develop creativity.


In the next few articles you will find the wide range of collectible dolls: fashion dolls, dolls inspired by films or history, dolls with identity and those you can customize from toe nail to hair.


tulip bjd collectible doll

Fantasic colourful wash basins


And some more lovely wash basins.



Folk inspired items to your apartment


I'm a city creature. I like the move, the energy and the opportunities cities create.
I adore country; the space, the smells, colours and peace.


However, I couldn't live in a country, not yet. I am very pleased though, there are so many furniture, accessories and gadgets inspired by folk art.