Get a little happier with a minimalist Vague Clock


Do you know the saying that happy people do not measure the time? Sejoon Kim from South Korea created a clock which can make its users a little happier. His Vague Clock doesn't remind constantly about the time passing by. It displays the time only when we want it. All we have to do is to apply a hand on the clock face.


minimalist vague clock

Smile! When you work


Regarding the fact that most of our life we spend working or sleeping (or both at the same time) it would be ideal if we could perform our work with joy and passion.

This is my goal. And that's what I'd like to learn from the designers.



Urban inspiration in interior design


And here are the most literal examples of city inspired items. They can be treated as souvenirs or your preferences manifestation.


ny armchair ny carpet




City inspired home accessories


Folk trend is clearly noticeable in fashion and interior design. I started to wonder whether urban inspiration is so clear and popular as well. I've spent few hours in the net and found some items inspired by city materials and landscape.