The finest wall decorations for kid's room. Wallpapers for boys and girls.


I was looking for b-day present for my sonny and I encountered some nice sites with wall decorations for kid's room. I do think wall is a great space to express the taste and create the mood, and in a kid's room it is also another opportunity to have fun.

The choice of wall decorations is very wide: wallpapers, murals, stickers and many others. I will present you these I found most original and attractive.

Let's start with wallpapers. I have found so many beautiful examples that I will put them in two articles. For the beginning those dedicated either for girls or for boys (of all ages). I am not a fan of boys/girls products classification. However some themes and colours are more popular amongst clients of different genders (you know: princesses, fairies, pink for girls and pirates, vehicles, outer space for boys). I won't fight with that. Tomorrow I'll present more universal wallpapers.


my little foal wallpaper for girls room

My little Foal, Eijffinger


savannah shadows wallpaper for girls room

Savannah Shadow, Eijffinger


rainbow wallpaper for girls room

Rainbow by Coco Tassel;


patchwork wallpaper for girls room

Patchwork, Eijffinger


how are you wallpaper for girls room

How are you? Eijffinger


hawai wallpaper for girls

helo dino wallpaper for boys room

Hawai, Eijffinger                                                 Helo Dino! Eijffinger


dear dear wallpaper for kids room ufo wallpaper for boys room

Dear Dear, Eijffinger                                           Ufo, Eijffinger


mr sign wallpaper for boys room pen pal wallpaper for kids room

Mr Sign, Mr Perswall                                       Pen Pal, Mr Perswall


lancelot wallpaper for boys room

Lancelot, Eijffinger


pirates of the sea wallpaper for boys room

Pirates of the sea, Eijffinger


top gun wallpaper for boys room

Top Gun, Eijffinger


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