Lamp to be painted on the wall – Doodle by Razy2


What if you could design your own lamp? Paint it on the wall … and make it light? What if it doesn't need a cable to give light? Hard to imagine? Not for everyone. Jacek Ryń from Razy2 has not only imagined this but he also created a prototype named Doodle.

By testing different products and materials and increasing the capacity of the system, he managed to find an optimal composition of the kit elements, which would help you fulfill this dream.


doodle lamp to be painted on the wall

Decorate your walls with beautiful digital wallpapers by Eijffinger


I love wallpapers. Good wallpaper is a piece of art for me. The pattern, colours, texture... they stimulate my senses. And it is so great that such a piece of “paper” can completely transform every interior, create a specific atmosphere of the room and reflect the character of the resident.


There are some wallcoverings companies that create beautiful and original designs and sell wallpapers of the highest quality materials. Dutch Eijffinger is one of them. They design and develop an extensive range of curtain and upholstery fabrics, wallpapers, smartpaper, vinyl wallcovering and combined wallpaper/interior fabrics, in their own studio. Their priority is to provide top-quality products with an up-to-date and decorative appearance.


eijffinger wallpaper for kids room

The finest wall decorations for kid's room.


If you do not want to put any distinct wallpaper or stickers it doesn't mean your child's room must be boring. Borders and spot-decorations are great matches for sober walls.


butterfly mirror wall decoration for kid's room invasion chalboard wall decoration for child's room


The finest wall decorations for kid's room. Stickers.


The wallpapers are undoubtedly beautiful. However you're gonna need some money to buy it and some time and skills or experience to apply it. If you are looking for something that would let you quickly and effectively decorate your child's room and is cheaper and/or easier in use you should chose wall stickers.


I think that one of their biggest advantage is that everyone can create their own composition from the same kit. Same product but plenty results. The designs? Countless. Everyone can find something suitable for his/her taste.


bd zoo wallstickers for childs room