The finest wall decorations for kid's room. Stickers.


The wallpapers are undoubtedly beautiful. However you're gonna need some money to buy it and some time and skills or experience to apply it. If you are looking for something that would let you quickly and effectively decorate your child's room and is cheaper and/or easier in use you should chose wall stickers.


I think that one of their biggest advantage is that everyone can create their own composition from the same kit. Same product but plenty results. The designs? Countless. Everyone can find something suitable for his/her taste.


bd zoo wallstickers for childs room

Best ideas for decorating walls. Wallpapers, stickers, murals and tiles


If you are not afraid of bigger changes you may decide to decorate the whole wall or a bigger part of it. Although murals, wallpapers and tiles seem to be more traditional solution they don't have to be boring.



Yummy design vol. 3


As you can see, there are countless ways of expressing you passion for every kind of food. Get inspired.



Home design products inspired by spring nature


And another few examples of lovely products inspired by spring nature. How do you like it?


wall sticker