Yummy design vol. 3


As you can see, there are countless ways of expressing you passion for every kind of food. Get inspired.



i love sushi wall sticker

If you are a sushi lover you can place stickers designed by Gugi Akiyama in collaboration with Elle Deco Japan on you wall. Not necessarily in the kitchen. I love sushi; domestic.fr


hotdog sofa

Maybe hot-dog really is a junk food but Hot-dog Sofa is not a junk furniture. It is simple, fun and modern. And it was designed by Karim Rahid for Domodinamica.


oyster armchair

You don't like sea food? Even though you may like Oyster High armchair by Michael Sodeau for Offecct. Upholstered in fabric or leather. Seat on it and feel like a pearl.


campari light funny lamp

The Campari Light cheers up every one. Design Raffaele Celentano; ingo-maurer.com


sugar cubes storage and seat

Container / table / seat. These Sugar cubes you can use without any pangs of conscience. Your waist is safe. Design Nika Zupanc.


soup funny pillow

Follow The White Rabbit; designersko.pl


beza projekt milk and honey official gadget of polish eu presidency The official souvenirs of Polish Presidency of the EU Council. bubble gum light decoration Yummy design vol. 1
olive lamp tasty design Yummy design vol. 2